What Should I Write About?

struggling with writing pic

Are you someone who tends to get stuck when it comes to creating a topic to write? Or maybe you are someone who goes back and forth between ideas and remains indecisive? Jeff Goin’s article, “How To Never Worry About What To Write Again” is an encouraging and well-thought article that helps writers organize their thoughts to create an endless topic to write about. This article caught my eye during my search for what to write as one of my blog posts. I, along with many others have always been one of those people that suffer from writers block. If there is not a given topic to discuss and write about, it is not always easy coming up with your own.

 Don’t chase trends. Write with a worldview. And trust that the topics will follow. According to Goins, there are three important questions writers must ask themselves to solve this issue.

1. What’s wrong with the world? This should present your perspective, nobody else’s. Listing possible ideas for how your writing is different and unique than others is a helpful strategy.

2. What one experience I have had that’s unique to me? Take your own story, and connect it with other peoples’ experiences; whether they may be happy, depressing, embarrassing, adventurous…etc. People will then give you their reacts and thoughts which allows them to be able to connect with you and your writing.

3. What’s something that’s easy to me that’s hard to other people? This question might make you think…but what’s writing without thinking? People don’t realize how other people such as friends, family, even strangers are great tools for being influenced for writing.

Utilizing these three questions can easily allow a writer, author, publisher, whoever it may to create ideas they never thought they could.


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